Overview of the occurrence and prevention of Bemisia tabaci invasion in China

Shunxiao Liu()
hao Yu()
Vlasenko V.A()



Biological invasion refers to the process of invading into another new environment through natural or man-made means from the original place of existence,which includes several stages of introduction, colonization, incubation, diffusion and outbreak.Bemisia tabaci is a worldwide important agricultural pest composed of multiple biotypes. Studies have confirmed that the  B biotype Bemisia tabaci that invaded China has been genetically differentiated, and the Q biotype Bemisia tabaci has replaced the B biotype in most areas of China. Bemisia tabaci has become the dominant biotype in the field.


Key words:Bemisia tabaci; biological invasion; diversity; B biotype; Q biotype

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.36956/njas.v3i1.142


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