Moisture absorption and diffusion of a carbon composite structure

Bing Wang(Fuzhou University)


Composite materials are lightweight structures and have been wildly used in marine applications.  A carbon composite structure usually absorbs moisture while in-service, which can significantly affect its properties, and detriments the overall performance.  We perform a detailed study on moisture absorption and diffusion of a carbon fibre reinforced vinyl ester resin composite system.  Composite samples are immersed directly in four different solutions at a temperature of 37±0.5℃ for 1444h.  The moisture diffusion is analysed through the Fickian diffusion model; the diffusion parameters are subsequently determined from the gravimetric data.  The moisture absorption and interaction with the composite constituents are then discussed.  These indicate the fundamentals of the moisture absorption and diffusion within the carbon composite structure.


Composite; moisture; absorption; degradation; Fickian diffusion.

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