Summary of SC TCM Agricultural Soil Ecological Restoration Major Scientific and Technological Innovation Engineering Technology

Hongfeng Sun(Beijing World Science and Technology Research and Development Center for Productivity, Beijing, 102600, China)
Hongwei Luan(Beijing World Science and Technology Research and Development Center for Productivity, Beijing, 102600, China)

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The paper focuses on the major scientific and technological innovation engineering technology of SC TCM agricultural land ecological restoration. The core technology system of SC TCM agricultural soil ecological restoration major scientific and technological innovation project consists of a number of cutting-edge advanced technologies from four aspects: “Century Tianwang” high-concentration nano-bio-organic fertilizer, high-concentration nano-bio-organic-inorganic slow-release compound fertilizer, “Century Tianwang” nano-soil special repair material; “Century Tianwang” botanical pesticide residue degradation agent; SOD rumex planting and breeding cycle technology.


SC TCM; Agricultural Soil Ecological Restoration; Technological Innovation Engineering

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