Ecology and Environmental Science



Disseminate ecology and environment development theories; Research and promote ecology and environment achievements; Display outstanding talents in the international ecology and environment field; Explore new era international ecology and environment scientific development approaches; Jointly construct scientific and technological innovation resource sharing platforms to promote the development of "economic agriculture"; Construct human harmonious coexistence pattern of ecology and environment to improve the quality of human life services.

Main section

  • The water environment
  • The atmospheric environment
  • The soil environment
  • The ecological environment
  • Environmental economy and management
  • Ecological toxicology
  • Water environment protection
  • Environmental planning and management
  • Environmental pollution and health
  • Water pollution control
  • Water ecological restoration
  • The environment in which the virus lives and spreads
  • Protective actions and measures
  • Space management and green development
  • Environmental factors influencing the epidemic situation of infectious diseases
  • Antibiotic environmental residue
  • Artificial intelligence and intelligent decision making


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