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Vol 3, No 3 (2021)

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Aastha Jain

Views - 112  (Abstract)
Abstract: The study was done with the aim of understanding the “Effect of Sleep Quality on Mental Health of Adults during COVID-19 Lockdown”. 136 adults aged between 18 to 32 years were selected through snowball sampling from social media platforms for being a part of the study s...
Shireen Dargan

Views - 105  (Abstract)
Abstract: Till the time one has not loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unborn. Animal Assisted Therapy can be used in amalgamation with other forms of therapy. The animal becomes an assimilation of the therapeutic plan with AAT. Many psychological disorders have been shown to react well to Anima...
Emil O.W. Kirkegaard, Jonatan Pallesen, Emil Elgaard, Noah Carl

Views - 232  (Abstract)
Abstract: We gathered survey data on journalists’ political views in 17 Western countries. We then matched these data to outcomes from national elections, and constructed metrics of journalists’ relative preference for different political parties. Compared to the general population of voters, journalists p...
Rhea Dhir, Vasudha K. G.

Views - 36  (Abstract)
Abstract:The study aimed to understand the relationship between sexual fantasy, sexual communication, personality traits and sexual satisfaction in married individuals. Sexual fantasy as a variable has seldom been studied in the Indian context. The importance of sexual fantasies has been noted by therapists ...
Ritesh Mehta Kumar

Views - 28  (Abstract)
Abstract: Relationship science has proliferated in the last few years. However, most of these studies have remained focused on western culture. An important reason for the lack of relationship studies in the non-western, particularly Indian context, is the lack of culturally validated scales. The present s...
Zora A. Sukabdi

Views - 51  (Abstract)
Abstract: We, the Editors and Publisher of Journal of Psychological Research, have retracted the following article: Article title: Psychological Risk Factors of Terrorist Offenders in Indonesia Authors: Zora A. Sukabdi Journal: Journal of Psychological Research Bibiliometrics: Volume 3,...



Is pre-marital consultation important? Married couples from Laterbiokoshie, Accra, Ghana gave the latest answers


In Ghana, the effort put into studying role of pre-marital counseling on marital satisfaction is inadequate. Although pre-marital counseling is practiced in many parts of Ghana, its influence on intimacy, locus of control and self-esteem in relation to marital satisfaction is unknown. In connection with this, the current study seeks to investigate the role of pre-marital counseling on marital satisfaction and the relationship of three variables, intimacy, self-esteem and locus of control among married couples who received pre-marital counseling and married couples who did not receive pre-marital counseling.

How effective is pre-marital counseling for marriage satisfaction? Whether it is positively correlated or has a negative impact, please see the data below


Posted: June 17,2021 More...
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