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Research in Ecology is a peer-reviewed, open-access academic journal specializing in the field of ecological research. The journal aims to promote the latest discovery and insights in the field of ecological research.

Research in Ecology publishes original contributions on all aspects of Ecology, with a special emphasis on the following areas:

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  • Behavioural ecology
  • Evolutionary ecology
  • Population ecology
  • Community ecology
  • Ecosystem ecology
  • Nature conservation
  • Global change ecology

The journal welcomes reviews, advances in methodology and research articles, especially the ones providing breakthrough results of theoretical or practical relevance. Descriptive studies will not be discarded, provided they bring data of relevance to a broad audience.

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Vol 3, No 3 (2021): In progress

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Jinhua Shao, Kai Huang, Wei Tang, Xinyue Liang, Weixiong Wu, Guoqin Huang

Views - 60  (Abstract)
Abstract: The water network plays an important role in maintaining the stability of regional water resource and ecological environment. It is also affecting the harmonious development between environment and economy. Guangxi is one of the provinces with relatively rich water resources in China, while the e...
K. R. Panwar, G. Tripathi

Views - 62  (Abstract)
Abstract: In this study, an analysis of organic fertilizer of an agro-waste (Sesame straw) plus cow dung was carried out using an epigeic earthworm species Eisenia fetida and Perionyx sansibaricus. Sesame straw is abundantly produced after each harvesting of the crop in Kharif season in arid region of trop...
Federico Vargas Lehner, Ruth Tiffer-Sotomayor, Alejandrino Díaz, Alberto Yanosky

Views - 203  (Abstract)
Abstract: Agricultural systems result of the coevolution between social and natural systems, where biodiversity and natural resources play an important role, emerging interactions between crops and the natural environment that allow the development of ecological processes which interact with external input...



How to promote the Growth of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica?


The seedlings of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, the annual seedlings exhibit the highest incidence rate, with a mortality rate of up to 50% upon disease incidence . Over-reliance on chemical pesticides has caused serious problems such as soil compaction, degradation of soil fertility, increased drug resistance of the pathogens and pests, destruction of soil’s micro-ecological environment, increased crop phytotoxicity, and weak seedling growth.

Between-group differences and annual changes in seedling biomass.

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