The Development History and Trend of International Agricultural Economics

Cheng Sun(World Academy of Productivity Science (WAPS), Beijing, 102600, China)
Yunbiao Li(School of Management, Jilin University, Jilin, Heilongjiang, 130022, China)

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Agricultural economics is a science that studies the relations of production and the laws of productivity in agriculture. International agricultural economics is to study the agricultural production relations and the laws of productivity in different regions of the world, countries with different systems, and different historical stages, especially the history and future development trends of agricultural economic development under different social systems in the East and the West, in order to learn from each other. The development of agricultural economic theory and practical experience, promote the integration of global agricultural economy, improve the status quo of global chemical agriculture, develop global modern ecological agriculture, ensure global food and food safety, and improve the health of human life.


Development history; Trend; International agricultural economics

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