Effect of Polymerized Alkaline Conditioning Fertilizer on Peppers and Disease in Acid Field

Wanhua Ding(Agricultural Rural Service Center, Bolao Town, Lingshan County, Guangxi Province, China)


Based on conventional fertilization, the effects of different amounts of polymerized alkaline conditioning fertilizer on the prevention and control of pepper disease were studied. The results of the experiment showed that the application of alkaline conditioning fertilizer to peppers had a remarkable effect on growth and development, increasing yield, increasing income and controlling disease. And the effect of applying 2100 kg/hm2 was the best, of 2625 kg/hm2 decreased, and of more than 1575 kg/hm2 was obvious. The yield of applying 2100kg/hm2 was 58069.7kg/hm2, and the net benefit was 468325.0 RMB/hm2. The yield increased by 46.0%, 29.2%, 16.1% and 2.0% respectively compared with treatment 1,2,3 and 5, with significant difference; the net benefit increased by 47.6%, 30.4%, 16.8% and 2.4% respectively. The results are similar to those of the plot tests, and the application rate of the polymerized alkaline conditioning fertilizer is 2,100kg/hm2. It is suggested that the same area in southern China can be used for reference.


Organic fertilizer, Alkaline conditioning fertilizer, Pepper, Yield benefit, Disease control

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.36956/rwae.v2i2.385


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