Soil Health

Daoren Tuya(Chen Yanxi Microecology Team, China Agricultural University, China)
Wang Qi(Chen Yanxi Microecology Team, China Agricultural University, China)
Mei Ruhong(Chen Yanxi Microecology Team, China Agricultural University, China)

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Soil deterioration is caused by biological, physical and chemical factors and can not be attributed to chemical fertilizers. Based on the concept of soil health, we use biological, physical and chemical measures to regulate ecological balance and achieve the remediation goal. Soil is a small universe. The biological, physical and chemical systems engineering in the five levels of ecology should be used to control soil, restrain deterioration, repair balance and realize soil rehabilitation. This paper focuses on the correlation between soil health and inorganic fertilizer factors, and from microecology, regulates the dynamic balance of soil microecology with probiotics to achieve the goal of healthy soil fertility.


Soil, Remediation, Microecology

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