Research Achievements in Relation to Maize (Zea mays L) Crop Production and Productivity in Ethiopia: A Systematic Review

Dessalegn Ayana(Department of Plant Science, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Assosa University, Assosa, Ethiopia)

Article ID: 423


Despite the conducting much number of maize researches in different centers a little change on production and productivity in Ethiopia. Hence this review aimed to indicate how a maize production and productivity have been developed and used to inform that food security concern body of the country. I researched for different papers reporting maize production achievements, databases of peer review journal articles, scholar Google and other web sites.  A total of 70 papers were reviewed from which 20 papers are included and from this 51.2% describe about maize production, 34.6% describe about productivity of a crop per area and 14.2% describe about deficiency of agricultural input utilization by local farmers. The use of new crop variety and artificial fertilizers is relatively a wide spread throughout the country.  However, practical application on small holder’s field has less technical support and comparatively traditional way of crop managements have been involved. Most of the research findings, particularly those from agronomic practices, indicated that Maize has wide flexibility that is suitable for production.


Research Achievements, Maize, Production and Productivity

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