Discussion on High-yield Cultivation and Assembling and Supporting Technology of Selenium-enriched Rice and Rapeseed Rotation in Taoyuan County

Bangxing Ye(Comprehensive Agricultural Service Center of Zhangjiang Street, Taoyuan County, Hunan, China)
Keping Jiang(Selenium-enriched Products Research Institute of Taoyuan County, Hunan, China)
Haijun Hou(Taoyuan Ecological Experimental Station, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hunan, China)
Jiaqing Wang(Leading Group of Selenium-enriched Functional Agriculture of Taoyuan County, Hunan, China)

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Taoyuan County is a large grain and rapeseed production county. Taking advantage of the resource advantage of soil rich in selenium in Taoyuan County, it promotes high-yield cultivation and assembly technology of selenium-rich rice and rapeseed rotation in one-season rice area, optimizing the aggregate structure of the soil, improving the soil ecology and reducing the content of heavy metals in the soil, laying the foundation for the continuous increase in agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income. Through rice and rapeseed rotation, the overwintering base of rice field borers are reduced, and the incidence of pests and diseases in the coming year is effectively reduced. The popularization of assembling and supporting technologies for rice-rapeseed rotation cropping and the promotion of high-quality varieties and planting techniques can increase the farmers' income significantly. This paper will describe the methods and technologies in detail from three aspects: the assembling and supporting methods of selenium-enriched rice and rapeseed rotation high-yield cultivation, main points of the supporting technology for the rice selenium-enriched cultivation and main points of supporting technology for the rapeseed selenium-enriched cultivation.


Selenium-enriched; Rice and rapeseed rotation; Assembling; Cultivation technology

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.36956/rwae.v2i3.427


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