Study on the Ecological Circulation Agricultural System of Combining Planting and Raising of Berry Tea

Defang Cao(Hunan Pinhao Ecological Agriculture Co., LTD., Changsha, China)
Xiuju Zhang(Institute of Agricultural Environment and Ecology, Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Changsha, China)
Shengyuan Mo(Agriculture and Rural Department of Hunan Province, Changsha, China)
Guihua Luo(Hunan Pinhao Ecological Agriculture Co., LTD., Changsha, China)
Zhengfang Qin(Zhangjiajie Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Zhangjiajie, China)
Hanfeng Qin(Hunan Dengfeng Agriculture and Forestry Technology Co., LTD., Zhangjiajie, China)


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Berry tea is a perennial vine. Its scientific name is ampelopsis grossedentata. It belongs to vitaceae and is widely spread in the Tujia people of Xiangxi, Hunan Province. By adopting appropriate agricultural planting technology, rational use of organic selenium fertilizer and nutritional conditioner, we can produce high-quality berry tea with more healthy and even medicinal value and high selenium content, and realize double protection of human health with high selenium content and high flavonoids. Under the existing planting system, through the supplement of breeding links, constructing ecological recycling agricultural system combining planting and raising, not only can greatly enrich the supply of table agricultural products, but also can effectively ensure the high quality and high safety of agricultural products, and can effectively enrich the local agricultural industrial structure.


Berry tea, Selenium-enriched, Ecological agriculture, Industrial revitalization, Economic development

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