Methods of Rice Technology Adoption Studies in the Philippines and Other Asian Countries: A Systematic Review

R. M. A. Ambong(Research, Development and Extension Unit, Occidental Mindoro State College, Philippines)

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Agricultural researchers in developing countries were not able to give much attention on the adoption studies of agricultural technologies until the period of Green Revolution. These technologies are disseminated in rural farming community by agricultural extension professionals to boost farm efficiencies and productivity. This paper presents the systematic review of methods employed by previous researchers in studying agricultural technology adoption with special reference to rice. The review focuses on the study of rice technologies adoption in the Philippines and other related studies conducted by a Filipino author in other countries in the Asian Region. From 391 adoption studies identified, 22 papers were selected and included in the review. These papers were retrieved from Scopus database. This review revealed that papers focused on studying the adoption of rice cultivation practices employed quantitative techniques. Institutional factors were found to critically influence the decision-making of the farmers to adopt production technologies.


Adoption studies; Agricultural extension; Rice; Technology dissemination; Philippines

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