Applications of Peridynamics in Marine Structures

Erkan Oterkus(PeriDynamics Research Centre, Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow)


Marine environment is a harsh and challenging environment for both operators and analysers due to extreme weather conditions. As a result of these conditions, marine structures are subjected to extreme and/or cyclic loadings. This will then lead to various different damage modes including corrosion and fatigue. Such damage modes are major threats to the reliability and integrity of marine structures which can cause risk on human and environmental safety, and yield financial losses. Moreover, climate change is a major concern which requires urgent attention. In order to minimize the negative effects of climate change, energy transition from utilisation of fossil fuels to greener energy solutions, such as offshore wind, should be adapted. There is currently a rapid progress on investment on green technologies especially offshore wind energy generation. Another emerging area is hydrogen which is considered as the environmentally friendly fuel of the future. 

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